Most Used Health Care Keywords On Google

Most Used Health Care Keywords On Google

A keyword is a query term entered into a search engine or website by a patient. A keyword can be a single word or a series of words. keywords with multiple words are called keyword phrases or series. The reporting of keywords and their usage data is not an exact science since most search engines and websites do not make actual query data available.

As competition in the digital adscape continues to heat up for healthcare marketers, effective keyword targeting has become more important than ever before.

In light of the internet’s transformative impact on the path to treatment, digital advertising is quickly emerging as the most effective strategy for acquiring new patients. Today, nearly one in 20 of Google’s two trillion annual searches are health-related, and 43% of patients report that they now rely on the internet as their primary source for medical advice and information about their health.

RankHealth Care Keywords Global Monthly Search
1what do you call                                    9,900
2what is health care                                    4,400
3what is single payer health care                                    3,600
4what is primary health care                                    2,900
5what is universal health care                                    1,300
6what is home health care                                    1,000
7what is health care management                                    1,000
8what is health care administration                                       880
9what is a single payer health care system                                       880
10what is health care reform                                       590
11does medicare cover home health care                                       590
12does medicare pay for home health care                                       480
13what do you care                                       480
14how to start a home health care business                                       390
15what country has the best health care                                       390
16what countries have universal health care                                       320
17should the government provide health care                                       320
18how many countries have universal health care                                       260
19what is holistic health care                                       260
20what is health care system                                       260
21how much is health care                                       260
22how much do health care administrators make                                       260
23what is a health care system                                       210
24what is managed health care                                       210
25what is health care delivery                                       210
26what is health care policy                                       210
27how to get health care                                       210
28what is a stakeholder in health care                                       210
29who is eligible for care within the veterans health administration                                       210
30what is single payer health care pros and cons                                       210
31how much would universal health care cost                                       210
32what is a health care provider                                       170
33does China have universal health care                                       170
34what is quality health care                                       170
35what is preventive health care                                       170
36how does universal health care work                                       170
37what is health care delivery system                                       170
38what is health care fraud                                       140
39what is health care provider                                       140
40what is a health care directive                                       140
41what does health care administration do                                       140
42is obamacare universal health care                                       140
43does medicaid cover home health care                                       140
44what is meant by the term health care costs                                       110
45what does universal health care mean                                       110
46what is a health care delivery system                                       110
47how much does home health care cost                                       110
48how to apply for obama care health insurance                                       110
49what is the health care reform                                       110
50what is a durable power of attorney for health care                                       110
51untied health care1,000,000
52united health care1,000,000
53unites health care1,000,000
54health care gov246,000
55health care165,000
56molinas health care135,000
57health care savings account110,000
58university of Utah health care90,500
59ge health care74,000
60united health care on line60,500
61health care marketplace60,500
62health care property investors49,500
63auroa health care40,500
64united health care login33,100
65home health care33,100
66intermountain health care33,100
67united health care careers27,100
68kindred health care27,100
69united health care provider22,200
70coventry health care22,200
71mvp health care22,200
72interim health care22,200
73maxim health care22,200
74primary health care22,200
75united health care jobs22,200
76united health care oxford18,100
77united health care vision18,100
78united health care customer service18,100
79united health care dentists18,100
80single payer health care18,100
81cigna health care18,100
82advocate health care18,100
83private health care14,800
84health care managers14,800
85universal health care14,800
86total health care14,800
87allied health care14,800
88health care assistant14,800
89bank of america health care savings account14,800
90carolina health care14,800

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