National Song of China | Symbols of China

National Song of China | Symbols of China

The “March of the Volunteers” is the official National Song of the People’s Republic of China. It Is Also The National Anthem of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region since July 1, 1997, and The Macau Special Administrative Region since December 20, 1999. This song was written by Tian Han in 1932 and composed by Nie Er. It was adopted as a theme song in the movie Children of Troubled Times in 1935.

Lyrics of China’s National Song

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中华民族到了最危险的时候,每 个人被迫着发出最后的吼声。


我们万众一 心, 冒着敌人的炮火, 前进!

冒着敌人的炮火, 前进!前进!前进!进!

Qǐlái! Búyuàn zuò núlì de rénmen! 

Bǎ wǒmen de xuèròu zhùchéng wǒmen xīnde chángchéng!

Zhōnghuá mínzú dàole zùi wēixiǎnde shíhòu, měigerén bèi pòzhe fāchū zùihòude hǒushēng.

Qǐlái! Qǐlái! Qǐlái!

Wǒmen wànzhòng yīxīn, màozhe dírén de pàohuǒ. Qiánjìn!

Màozhe dírén de pàohuǒ. Qiánjìn! Qiánjìn! Qiánjìn! Jìn!

Arise! People who don’t want to be slaves! 

With our very flesh and blood, let us build our new Great Wall.

When the people of China are in the most dangerous time, everyone will be forced to shout a last shout.

Arise! Arise! Arise!

We’re millions with one mind. Let’s brave the enemy’s gunfire. March on!

Brave the enemy’s gunfire. March on! March on! March, March on!


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