Most Popular Music Keywords On Google

Most Popular Music Keywords On Google

According to many sources, the annual revenue generated in the music industry will go up to $23 billion by 2021. There are a lot of players, too: artists, producers, engineers, distributors, labels, concert venues, ticket vendors. The daily interactions between these actors are necessary to mass-produce the music – recorded and live – so many of us cannot imagine life without.

The music industry is huge, and it is in a constant state of change. So, those of you marketing to music consumers could probably use some advice. Considering that you have found yourself here on the Music Keywords page, we will provide you the Most Popular Music Keywords On Google.

RankMusic KeywordsGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPC
1music downloaders                           7,480,000$0.71
2music downloading                           7,480,000$0.71
3music downloads                           7,480,000$0.71
4youtube music                           7,480,000$0.71
5music downloaded                           7,480,000$0.45
6music                           6,120,000$0.61
7mp3 music downloader                           5,000,000$0.42
8mp3 music downloads                           5,000,000$0.42
9free music downloading                           2,740,000$0.69
10free music downloads                           2,740,000$0.69
11music players                           2,740,000$0.33
12music downloader free                           1,830,000$0.68
13music downloads free                           1,830,000$0.68
14play music                           1,830,000$0.24
15download music                           1,500,000$0.46
16downloading music                           1,500,000$0.46
17downloader music                           1,500,000$0.32
18google play music                           1,500,000$0.30
19music downloaders free                           1,220,000$0.49
20downloadable music                           12,20,000$0.46
21free music                           1,000,000$0.86
22download free music                           1,000,000$0.57
23downloading free music                           10,00,000$0.57
24mp3 music download free                           10,00,000$0.47
25mp3 music downloader free                           1,000,000$0.47
26apple music                           1,000,000$0.37
27google music                           1,000,000$0.15
28music paradise                             823,000$0.67
29amazon music                             673,000$0.23
30youtube music videos                             550,000$0.98
31download music mp3                             550,000$0.35
32downloader music mp3                             550,000$0.31
33music apps                             450,000$0.62
34music notes                             368,000$0.61
35music videos                             368,000$0.45
36mp3 music                             368,000$0.36
37music stores                             368,000$0.07
38relaxation music                             301,000$1.65
39relaxing music                             301,000$1.65
40music boxes                             301,000$0.82
41you tube music                             301,000$0.62
42free mp3 music downloads                             301,000$0.61
43music mp3                             301,000$0.34
44spotify music                             301,000$0.12
45music store                             301,000$0.06
46classical music                             246,000$1.68
47music makers                             246,000$1.20
48sounds of music                             246,000$0.92
49mp3 music download pro                             246,000$0.86
50mp3 music downloader pro                             246,000$0.86
51country music                             246,000$0.50
52amazon prime music                             246,000$0.18
53meditation music                             201,000$1.67
54music clips                             201,000$1.21
55free music downloads mp3                             201,000$0.77
56music maniac                             201,000$0.69
57free download music                             201,000$0.60
58free downloadable music                             201,000$0.60
59music instruments                             201,000$0.60
60musical instruments                             201,000$0.60
61music downloader mp3                             201,000$0.50
62music download free mp3                             201,000$0.49
63music download mp3                             201,000$0.44
64music converter                             165,000$1.58
65free music download apps for android                             165,000$0.79
66free music downloader app for android                             165,000$0.79
67music games                             165,000$0.66
68music you tube                             165,000$0.44
69music download mp3 free                             165,000$0.07
70music downloader mp3 free                             165,000$0.07
71music tube                             135,000$1.24
72the sound of music                             135,000$1
73free music apps                             135,000$0.69
74free music downloader mp3                             135,000$0.66
75music video maker                             135,000$0.62
76ultra music festival                             135,000$0.53
77music player for android                             135,000$0.46
78prime music                             135,000$0.25
79groove music                             110,000$1.85
80sleep music                             110,000$1.51

We designed this type of post not only to let users find keywords but to deliver key insights for each keyword so that users, like you, will be able to make sense of what you get and get things done with them.

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