Twitter Image Size Guide

Twitter Image Size Guide

With over 330 million active users per month, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Yet, somehow, finding the correct Twitter header dimensions can be a struggle.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is basically a microblogging social media. By using this application people can share their short stories with their followers. It’s the best alternative to a Facebook application.

Twitter gives you a platform to be heard. The height of your platform is dictated by your follower count. The more followers, the more people will hear what you have to say.

You have direct access to people in the public eye – celebs, politicians, comedians, actors, etc. Joy can be found from a retweet or a reply or a follow. Twitter can make you virtually famous or infamous in the time it takes to write 140 characters.

The character limit forces you to be more creative with your writing. As a content writer, you have to encapsulate your thoughts. As mentioned, Twitter is one of the first places to check for news, gigs, comedy, announcements, and links to fantastic writing, photos and videos.

There is also the dark side: scandals, meltdowns, incessant trolling and hounding and people contradicting themselves. Twitter was partly to blame for helping to mobilize people in the London riots a few years ago.

The Perfect Twitter Header Size

There are several places where you can use images on Twitter, including the header photo banner, your profile picture, thumbnail previews for links, and sharing images directly in the feed. Twitter’s current layout gives some different options for displaying images.

Your header photo is the image that spans the top of your Twitter profile page. It’s quite a bit larger than your profile photo so make sure to save it at the highest resolution possible. Because you have more room to be creative with this picture and it will likely be the first thing your visitors see, make it something captivating.

1500px x 500px is the size that Twitter recommends, but if you’d rather not have the image resized, the exact dimensions are 1263px x 421px. Twitter released an updated design for profiles which features a new header photo size and dimensions. Hopefully, this makes your lives a little easier when designing cover photos sized for Twitter.

Image Guidelines

  • Recommended 1,500 x 500 pixels.
  • Maximum file size of 5 MB.
  • Image types include JPG, GIF or PNG.

These are Twitter’s recommended dimensions for a Twitter header image and profile picture. Twitter has been experimenting with the look and feel of its feed for a while now. The latest design changes allow you to have a profile picture cropping some part of your cover image.

Twitter Profile Picture Size

Your Twitter profile photo is the main image that represents you or your brand across the network. It’s going to be seen across the site in a number of places by a number of people so make sure it’s of the highest quality. 

For displaying on a desktop browser, it uses what’s called intrinsic CSS sizing, which basically means that the image fits within a container. In this case, the container is 400 pixels by 400 pixels. It’s cropped to a circle automatically.

Image Guidelines

  • Square Image recommended 400 x 400 pixels.
  • Maximum file size 2 MB.
  • Image types include JPG, GIF or PNG.

Twitter Image Size: 1024 x 512px

As previously mentioned, sharing images increase engagement and get more people seeing your content. Getting the right image size will help you maximize results.

Twitter will crop and resize based on the image you use, so there are no minimums. To get it looking at its best in the stream though, 1024 x 512 px is your best minimum.


  • Stick to the 2:1 aspect ratio to ensure the whole picture is shown.
  • Taller images will be displayed up to 506px in height before getting cropped.
  • The maximum file size is 5MB for images and 15MB for GIFs.

Twitter Ad Image Sizes

Marketers and entrepreneurs are using Twitter for lead generation and sales conversions. Twitter makes their lives easier by offering lead generation cards and website cards, which are also called “ads.” Like Twitter Cards, ads also have a visual appeal. They stand out in cluttered streams and encourage viewers to perform the desired actions.

Tweet copy: 280 characters. Each link used reduces character county by 23 characters, electing 257 characters for a Twitter copy.

Image width/height: We recommend a minimum width of 600 pixels, although larger images (i.e. 1200 pixel images) will be better optimized for when users click to expand images. Any height is acceptable, although if the height exceeds the width, we will crop to 1:1.

Aspect ratio

  • Desktop: Any aspect between 2:1 and 1:1 is acceptable. For example, 1200 X 600 (2:1), 1200 X 800 (3:2) or 1200 X 1200 (1:1). After 16:9 aspect ratio (for example, 1200 X 1400) we’ll crop to a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Mobile: 16:9


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