Most Asked Questions On Google

Most Asked Questions On Google

Google has been sharing some information about the most popular query subjects that were submitted to Google every year in their annual Google Zeitgeist update. 

It may sound like fun but it’s true. But the most asked question on the internet is “what is my IP” or “what is my IP address” or similar. There are over 3.5 million people who asked this question every month on Google.

You may find more surprises once you take a look at the list of the most asked questions on Google. You can also find what is trending on Google with the help of Google Trends.

There are many more interesting surprises that show up in this list of the most commonly asked questions on Google.

RankMost Asked Questions On GoogleGlobal Monthly Search
1what is my ip4,455,000
2what time is it2,530,000
3how to register to vote2,420,000
4how to tie a tie1,853,000
5can you run it950,000
6what song is this840,000
7how to lose weight785,000
8how many ounces in a cup650,000
9when is mothers day650,000
10how many ounces in a pound650,000
11how many ounces in a gallon650,000
12how many weeks in a year650,000
13when is fathers day650,000
14what is my ip address650,000
15can i run it650,000
16how to get pregnant650,000
17how to download youtube videos475,000
18how to screenshot on mac475,000
19how old is donald trump475,000
20how to lose weight fast475,000
21where are you now475,000
22how to make pancakes475,000
23when we were young475,000
24how to make money475,000
25how many grams in an ounce475,000
26how many feet in a mile475,000
27what time is it in California475,000
28what does smh mean475,000
29how old is hillary clinton475,000
30how to lose belly fat475,000
31is it going to rain today475,000
32where is my phone455,000
33what is the weather today455,000
34how to download videos from youtube455,000
35how to boil eggs455,000
36how to delete instagram account455,000
37how to take a screenshot on a mac455,000
38how many cups in a gallon455,000
39how many days till christmas455,000
40what time is it in london455,000
41how old am i455,000
42how to get rid of bed bugs455,000
43how to draw a rose455,000
44how to make pizza375,000
45how many grams in a pound375,000
46how many ounces in a quart375,000
47how to have sex375,000
48how do you spell375,000
49how to use snapchat375,000
50what is your name375,000
51how to make french toast375,000
52how to make love375,000
53how to make slime375,000
54how many tablespoons in a cup225,000
55what time is the superbowl225,000
56how many oz in a cup185,000
57what time is sunset185,000
58how to write a check185,000
59how to tie a bowtie185,000
60when is daylight saving time185,000
61how many days in a year185,000
62what does hmu mean185,000
63how many days until christmas185,000
64how to make money online185,000
65what time is it in Australia185,000
66when is memorial day185,000
67when is labor day185,000
68what is the temp185,000
69what is the temperature185,000
70what time is it in Hawaii185,000
71how to solve a rubix cube185,000
72how many countries in the world185,000
73who sings this song185,000
74how many teaspoons in a tablespoon185,000
75how long to boil eggs185,000
76how many centimeters in an inch185,000
77why is the sky blue185,000
78how to write a cover letter185,000
79how many ounces in a liter185,000
80how much house can i afford185,000
81what is the time185,000
82how to gain weight185,000
83how to take a screenshot185,000
84how to hack facebook account185,000
85how to delete facebook account185,000
86how many mb in a gb185,000
87how tall is kevin hart125,000
88how to start a business125,000
89how to save money125,000
90how old is justin bieber125,000
91how many people are in the world125,000
92how to last longer in bed125,000
93how to make money fast125,000
94how to draw a dog125,000
95how to get rid of acne125,000
96how many oz in a gallon125,000
97how to get rid of blackheads125,000
98how to cook quinoa125,000
99what is the meaning of life125,000
100how many calories in a banana125,000

As you can see people are very curious and I also believe there are also many funny questions on the internet. Today’s date search engines like google really help us a lot by providing us a relevant search result.

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