List of Popular Business Related Keywords Search On Google

List of Popular Business Related Keywords Search On Google

The keyword is nothing but a phrase of words when the customer searches for a query. Using the proper keyword will give more traffic to the website/blogs. The biggest factor when Ranking on Google keywords is how Google links your content with a user search query.

In General, high volume search terms are hard to rank for and they don’t always bring more clicks.

· You have to choose the best keywords, based on your industry and monthly searches

· You have to create a content that’s based on the related long-tail keywords

· You have to learn more about the keywords used by your competition.

Being a business owner can be a tiring job. You need to keep an eye on every minute detail your business deals with. That could be vendors, finances, human resources, overheads, salaries, and whatnot. Apart from that, you also need to take care of your clients’/audience needs.

RankBusiness Keywords Global Monthly Search
1better business bureau2,740,000
3international business machines823,000
4business cards550,000
5master in business administration550,000
6business insider450,000
7business process outsourcing450,000
8business planning301,000
9business plans301,000
10central business district246,000
11businesses for sale201,000
12business news201,000
13business ideas201,000
14business standard165,000
15bachelor of business administration135,000
16business software alliance135,000
17business model canvas110,000
18business plan templates110,000
19business plans templates110,000
20business intelligence110,000
21unfinished business110,000
22business analyst90,500
23how to start a business90,500
24small business ideas90,500
25business games90,500
26business days90,500
27business letter format90,500
28business administration74,000
29business cards templates74,000
30business loans74,000
31business line74,000
32business card sizes60,500
33business management60,500
34small business60,500
35small businesses60,500
36small business loans60,500
37business process reengineering60,500
38business model60,500
39business models60,500
40business daily60,500
41business name generator60,500
42business online60,500
43business letterhead60,500
44business letters60,500
45start a business49,500
46starting a business49,500
47business cards design49,500
48business development49,500
49business weekly49,500
50online business49,500
51online businesses49,500
52business classes40,500
53business calendar40,500
54business insurance40,500
55international business40,500
56business cards holder40,500
57business opportunities40,500
58free business cards40,500
59e business40,500
60business times40,500
61how to write a business plan40,500
62business ethics40,500
63business cycles40,500
64new business ideas40,500
65business quotes40,500
66business credit cards33,100
67business of fashion33,100
68business card maker33,100
69business facebook33,100
70business development manager33,100
71business case33,100
72business attire33,100
73business casual men33,100
74business name search33,100
75business english33,100
76business plan samples33,100
77business proposal33,100
78business proposals33,100
79business dictionary33,100
80cheap business cards27,100

Here are ways to identify the best keywords:

Survey your current clients – your current clients can provide good information that lets you know how they found you, why they chose your business, what services/products you offer that they can’t do without, and possibly what solution you have provided to them, over and above the obvious. This will help you identify the best keywords to speak to your ideal client prospects.

Look at your competition – look at the competition in a positive way. What can you learn from businesses that either offer similar or complementary services to your ideal clients? Review their social media posts, blog posts, website copy. Also, look at where they show up in the search engines. What keywords are they using to attract new business? How can you improve upon what they have done?


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