Top Marketing Keywords Search On Google

Top Marketing Keywords Search On Google

Keywords are a very important part of online marketing as it allows you to specify to search engines who you are and what your business does, this, in turn, makes it easier for you to be connected to customers.

when a customer searches online to fill a certain need they typically describe that need in about the same way. For example “Car mechanics in XYZ city”.

The important part is understanding what your customers are searching for and then making sure that you appear in that search. Now, you might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned SEO up until this point, and that is because online marketers use keywords for more than just SEO work.

RankMarketing KeywordsGlobal Monthly SearchGlobal CPC
1how the market works                                  49,500$5.72
2what is digital marketing                                  18,100$1.67
3how to invest in stock market                                     9,900$2.97
4what time does the stock market open                                     8,100$6
5what is market research                                     8,100$2.88
6what is market cap                                     8,100$2.14
7what is market capitalization                                     8,100$2.14
8what is a money market account                                     8,100$10.88
9what is stock market                                     8,100$1.59
10what is marketing mix                                     8,100$0.50
11what is content marketing                                     6,600$5.94
12how does the stock market work                                     6,600$4.52
13how the stock market works                                     6,600$4.50
14is the stock market open today                                     6,600$2.24
15what is market segmentation                                     6,600$1.17
16how to invest in the stock market                                     5,400$9.01
17what time does the stock market close                                     5,400$5.06
18what is the stock market                                     5,400$4.42
19what is a bear market                                     5,400$3.22
20when does the stock market open                                     5,400$10.78
21what is affiliate marketing                                     5,400$1.61
22what is a market                                     5,400$1.58
23what is network marketing                                     5,400$0.84
24what is inbound marketing                                     4,400$7.17
25what is direct marketing                                     4,400$4.36
26what is market share                                     4,400$0.82
27how to market your business                                     3,600$7.16
28what is social media marketing                                     3,600$4.34
29what is money market                                     3,600$3.28
30how to market a product                                     3,600$2.79
31what is a bull market                                     3,600$0.39
32what is a market economy                                     3,600$0
33what is the stock market doing today                                     2,900$3.65
34how did the stock market do today                                     2,900$3.03
35what is marketing research                                     2,900$2.30
36what time does stock market open                                     2,900$10.97
37what is a marketing plan                                     2,900$1.92
38what is target market                                     2,900$1.50
39how to market yourself                                     2,900$1.13
40when did the stock market crash                                     2,900$0
41when does stock market open                                     2,400$4.69
42how to do market research                                     2,400$4.45
43what is a target market                                     2,400$4.26
44how stock market works                                     2,400$3.59
45how to play the stock market                                     2,400$3.42
46what is a stock market                                     2,400$3.25
47how is the stock market doing today                                     2,400$2.49
48is stock market open today                                     2,400$1.67
49what is the marketing mix                                     2,400$1.20
50what is market failure                                     2,400$0.01
51what is market economy                                     2,400$0
52what is the black market                                     2,400$0
53what time does the market open                                     2,400$0
54when does the stock market close                                     2,400$0
55what time does stock market close                                     1,900$7.97
56what does a marketing manager do                                     1,900$6.32
57what is b2b marketing                                     1,900$5.67
58how to write a marketing plan                                     1,900$2.06
59why is marketing important                                     1,900$0.74
60what is mass market paperback                                     1,900$0.21
61how to calculate market share                                     1,900$0.03
62what does market cap mean                                     1,900$0
63what is a free market                                     1,900$0
64why did the stock market crash in 1929                                     1,900$0
65how to become a marketing manager                                     1,600$3.74
66what time does the stock market close today                                     1,600$3.45
67how to make money in the stock market                                     1,600$3.26
68what is market value                                     1,600$2.16
69what is marketing automation                                     1,600$14.70
70what did the stock market close at today                                     1,600$1.04

Keywords determine how to drive organic traffic. Keyword research helps in optimizing the structure and content of the website. By including the right keywords in a website’s URL, Meta descriptions, title tags, and website content one can ensure a higher ranking of the webpage. But it isn’t just about SEO. Keyword research forms the basis of all digital marketing strategies.


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