National Capital of Qatar | Symbols of Qatar

National Capital of Qatar | Symbols of Qatar

Doha is the official National Capital of Qatar. It the most populous city of the State of Qatar with a population of 956,460 (2015). The city is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the east of the country, North of Al Wakrah and South of Al Khor. Over 80% of the nation’s population living in Doha or its surrounding suburbs and it is the political and economic center of the country.

The city was host to the first ministerial-level meeting of the Doha Development Round of World Trade Organization negotiations. It was also selected as the host city of a number of sporting events, including the 2006 Asian Games, the 2011 Pan Arab Games, and most of the games at the 2011 AFC Asian Cup. In December 2011, the World Petroleum Council held the 20th World Petroleum Conference in Doha. Additionally, the city hosted the 2012 UNFCCC Climate Negotiations and is set to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The city has also hosted the 140th Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly in April 2019.

Country Profile

Official Name: Dawlat Qatar
short form: Qatar

ISO Country Code: qa, QAT

Actual Time: Fri-Mar-5  12:02
Local Time = UTC +3h

Country Calling Code: +974

Capital City: Doha (Ad Dawhah)

Other Cities:
Umm Said, Al-Khor, Dukhan, Ruwais

Type: Constitutional Emirate
Independence: 3 September 1971
Constitution: 1970 Basic Law, revised 1972; currently under complete review.

Location: Middle East, Gulf Region, peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia
Area: 11,586 km² (4,473 sq. mi.)
Terrain: Mostly desert, flat, barren.

Climate: Hot and dry, some humidity in summer.

Nationality: Qatari(s).
Population: 2.6 million (2012, Official population clock)
GNI per capita PPP: $ 29 607 (year)
Ethnic groups: Arab 40%, Pakistani 18%, Indian 18%, Iranian 10%, other 14%
Religion: Islam (state religion, claimed by virtually all of the indigenous population)
Languages: Arabic (official); English (widely spoken)
Literacy: 79%

Natural resources: Petroleum, natural gas, fish.

Agriculture products: Fruits, vegetables; poultry, dairy products, beef; fish.

Industries: Crude oil production and refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers.

Currency: Qatari Rial (QAR)

Geography of Doha

Doha is located on the central-east portion of Qatar, bordered by the Persian Gulf on its coast. Its elevation is 10 m (33 ft). Doha is highly urbanized. Land reclamation off the coast has added 400 hectares of land and 30 km of coastline.

Transportation of Doha

To support the expanding city and increasing numbers of residents and commuters, Qatar has heavily invested in upgrading the infrastructure of Doha and Qatar. Since 2004, Doha has been undergoing a huge expansion to its transportation network, including the addition of new highways, a new airport in 2014, a new seaport in 2016, and an 85 km metro system that went operational in 2019.


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