What is The Famous Lake of England?

What is The Famous Lake of England?

England Has Many Famous Lake. Over 16 million people each year flock to the Lake District to enjoy the scenery, the attractions and of course the lakes. Every lake in Cumbria means something special to someone. The Top 3 Lakes in England:

1. Windermere- Officially a ´mere´, Windermere is England’s largest lake at over 10 miles long, and 79m in depth (at its deepest point).

Windermere is the most southerly of the lakes, and easily accessible for visitors who come to marvel at its rugged

2. Rydal Water- Rydal Water was the favourite lake of famous local writer and poet, William Wordsworth, who drew much inspiration from this part of the Lake District.

3. Grasmere- William Wordsworth also lived at Dove Cottage, Grasmere, where he described some of his most famous poems, including ´Daffodils´.


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