What is The National Sport of England?

What is The National Sport of England?

Cricket is the National sport of England and became popular in the U.K. in the 17th century. Today there are 18 professional county clubs in the U.K. with all of them being named after historic counties. Each summer these county clubs participate in the First Class County Championship, which consists of two leagues of nine teams in which matches are played over four days. England national sport.

England had always been known for introducing new sports to the world. Interestingly cricket, football & rugby were all started by England. EPL( English premier league) one of the most followed leagues in the world has helped to strengthen English football domestically. But on the international level, England has Not able to repeat their WC triumph since 1966. In rugby England become the world champion in 2003 by defeating Australia. But their worst had to happen in cricket where they reached the final on 3 occasions but were never able to lift the world cup trophy in the men category.

Other Popular Sports in the UK


Football is the most popular game played in the U.K. and follows a traditional league system that consists of more than one hundred teams. The most popular league is known as the Premier League and consists of the 20 best teams from all over the U.K.


Rugby is one of the most popular professional and recreational team sports in the U.K. and is divided into Rugby Union and Rugby League. The two sports are different in rules such as the number of players and in ways to advance the ball.


Tennis is growing not only as a participant sport but also as a spectator sport. Wimbledon is the most popular Tennis Tournament in the U.K. and has been played in England since 1877.

✅What is England’s Oldest Sport?

Polo is perhaps the oldest team sport; the first recorded tournament was in 600 B.C. between the Turkomans and the Persians (the Turkomans were victorious).

✅What is the National Sport of England?

Cricket is the national game of England, and has been played since the 16th century.


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