What is The National Mountain of England?

What is The National Mountain of England?

While England is a relatively flat country, it certainly is not devoid of impressive mountains and many rolling hill plains.

These create a gorgeous topography and a natural allure to the jade-coloured countryside of this land. Major Mountains Of England:

1. The Pennines- The Pennines Mountain Range is one of the most significant of its kind in the country.

It is aged at over 300 million years old, making it the oldest group of mountains too.
2. Scafell Pike- This is the highest fell, defined as a barren or stony hill. It is located in Cumbria and is 978 metres or 3 209 feet above sea level.

It is a popular attraction and is situated in the equally popular Lake District National Park.
3. Helvellyn Mountain – This mountain is situated in England’s Lake District and is the third highest peak in England. Its name means .

yellow moor. and it is an impressive 950 metres or 3 117 feet above sea level. Its highest point occurs between the Thirlmere Valley and Patterdale.


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