Geography Map of China | China Geography Map

Geography Map of China | China Geography Map

China is located in Southeast Asia along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Geography Map of China is the third-largest country in the world after Russia and Canada with an area of 9.6 million square kilometers. With approximately 1,357,380,000 people, China is the world’s most populous country. Due to its massive size, China shares a border with fourteen countries Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Russia, North Korea, India, Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan, Myanmar, Laos, Hong Kong, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan. The Country also bounded by the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea in the east and the South China Sea in the southeast.

China is a very diverse country with many distinct geographical features and regions. The geography of China is a mixture of deserts, high mountains, grasslands, tropical forests, and almost every other geographical feature that you can think of. China’s terrain falls in steps from the high Tibetan plateau in the southwest to the flat North Coastal plain in the northeast.

Three great rivers run vaguely west to east to divide the nation into three east-west zones, the Huang He (Yellow River); Chang Jiang (Yangzi River), and Yu Jiang (Pearl River). North-eastern China is dominated by flat plains and coastlines while southern China is mountainous with a rocky coastline. The usual line is taken to divide northern from southern China in the course of the Huai River which runs through Henan and Anhui. The lack of rain in western China is one of the most important features of China’s climate.

Major Rivers and Lakes of China

China has numerous rivers and lakes. According to statistics, more than 50,000 rivers have drainage areas that exceed 100 square kilometers; more than 1,500 exceed 1,000 square kilometers. The Yangtze and Yellow rivers are famous not only in China but also around the world. These rivers provided the framework for agricultural development and population growth throughout China’s history.  Another river, the Heilong Jiang (known also as the Amur River, its Russian name) marks the border between China and Russia. Major Lakes are Qinghai Lake, Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake, and Taihu Lake are all freshwater lakes.

Major Mountains of China

China has large areas of mountainous land, about two-thirds of the country. Notable ranges include the Himalayas, the Altai Mountains, the Tian Shan Mountains, and the Kunlun Mountains. Out of the mountains throughout the world at an altitude of over 7,000 meters, over 50 stand in China. To the east in China, lower mountains like Mt. Taishan, Mt. Huashan, and Mt. Emeishan, also display their unique beauty. The tallest mountains in the world can be found in China. The Tibetan Himalayas is home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, and K2, both of which is Mecca for climbers.

Other Geographic Features

The Gobi Desert is the fifth-largest desert in the world. It is the most famous of the 11 deserts that span China. The Gobi experiences temperature extremes ranging from -40°C (-40°F) in the winter to 50°C (122°F) in the summer. A vast Western region occupying nearly 2/3 of the country that is generally too high, too cold, and/or too dry to support a dense agricultural population. An Eastern region occupying 1/3 of the country that portion of China east of the Tibetan Plateau and generally south of the Great Wall forming the core of China Proper.

The Three Gorges of Qutang, Wu, and Xiling are probably the most famous canyons in China. In the hiking world, however, Tiger Leaping Gorge is more famous. It is one of the deepest river canyons in the world, deeper even than the Grand Canyon. The Mongolian grasslands are home to some of China’s most traditional cultures.

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